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Final Project Documentation:

For this project i wanted to work with light as well as sound. The intention of the piece was to be an interactive piece that people can  play with and direct the piece. Depending which lights were turned on will have a different outcome.

Here is a picture of the final piece. I used a combination of 3 kinds of lights. On top are a set of 5 leds that are push to turn on or off. The viewer can choose how many lights they want on either 1,2,3,4,5 or none at all. The underneth there are 2 push circles light. They have foam on them to diffuse the light and to help create sound. As the viewer presses the button the motor spins the CD and lights around. As the CD hits the foam it creates a unique sound.  The people who interact with the piece can also tap the box, which will effect the large light as it is effected by sound. Overall i just wanted to create a piece that people can interact with that deals with light and sound.

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Video Project: Documentation:

For this video project I was inspired by The Journey. Specifically the journey that people take within their everyday life, and the interaction between the driver and the road and the camera. I filmed specifically vertically on my iPhone because of the cropping that occurs. I was then able to multiply and overlay it and have 3 videos playing at the same time. The interaction or participation occurred with the driver of the vehicle. The video depended on how/where the driver drove. I filmed from 3 perspectives, car, streetcar and bus. I did this purposely to stick with he 3 overlays I did. As I have a windows computer at home I did not use iMovie to edit. I have this program called Corel VideoStudio Pro. Its not the greatest, but its better than windows movie maker  its very similar to iMovie. The hardest thing for me was the rendering time. Since I shot mini clips that were 2-6 mins long rendering took a while. I then cropped them as there was some not needed footage.  In the program i used it can only have 1 overlay track, yet i wanted 2. I had to add my original, add the overlay track, then export/save. Which alone to render that took about 40 mins, for a 2 min video. I then put it back into Studio Pro, to add the 3rd overlay track, add my music, and export again, which that rendering time took almost an hr. I also had many problems with the crappy software crashing. It crashed 4 times in which i never got the chance to save. But its all i had to work with so i dealt with it.  The music that I chose to include was “Peaches” by New Heights. I felt this song went well with the tempo of the video, and had this journey feeling to it. The reason i did the overlaying tracks is i felt it gave more of an illusion, and gets you sucked into the video and that you feel you are on that journey as well. I also sped the video to 4x the normal speed, for two reasons, mainly to shorten the length/fit more in, and second to show the passing of time, taking a long  journey and shortening it into just 2 mins. I just feel it is a better choice for presenting. One of the main parts of my day is the traveling it takes me to get to school. On a good day it takes about 45 mins, as i am traveling from Scarborough to downtown Toronto  i have to take a bus then subway. So for almost 2 hrs (there and back) of my day are spent traveling just to and from school. Then there is at home and weekend stuff in which i am always driving around going to places. Traveling and journeys are a big part of our lives. Overall i wanted to show interaction between the driver and the environment and depending on where/how you drive will depend on the environment that is produced.


Sound Project

photo-1 image image

For my sound project I created two different microphones. One was the standard contact mic with the piezo disk, and the other one was using a speaker as the microphone just by soldering the connections to the audio cable. I did mostly use the contact mic for everything. I started by attaching the microphones to many different objects that I thought would work. I used a wine glass, ceramic bowl my laptop, etc. I also held the speaker mic up to my cat, made him meow and recorded that. then using audacity (which is where I recorded everything) I edited the clips, added effects, speed up some and repeated some to create my final sound art. When listening to my final clip I get the feeling of a heart monitor. With the beats that it makes it feels like a soft heart beat then gets louder and stronger then dies down again and fades out.