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Final Project Documentation:

April 9, 2013

For this project i wanted to work with light as well as sound. The intention of the piece was to be an interactive piece that people can  play with and direct the piece. Depending which lights were turned on will have a different outcome.

Here is a picture of the final piece. I used a combination of 3 kinds of lights. On top are a set of 5 leds that are push to turn on or off. The viewer can choose how many lights they want on either 1,2,3,4,5 or none at all. The underneth there are 2 push circles light. They have foam on them to diffuse the light and to help create sound. As the viewer presses the button the motor spins the CD and lights around. As the CD hits the foam it creates a unique sound.  The people who interact with the piece can also tap the box, which will effect the large light as it is effected by sound. Overall i just wanted to create a piece that people can interact with that deals with light and sound.

photo (7)

photo (3)

photo (4) photo (5) photo (6)


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